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Shoftshell fabric is a bestseller among outdoor fabrics! With a trendy print, uni or as a melange version ? this fabric is to fall in love with!


CHARACTERISTICS:Softshell is a soft and cuddly fabric on the inner side, and smooth, water-repellent and insulating on the outer side. It feels amazing on your skin and you can wonderfully enjoy cold or rainy days wearing it.  Softshell is skin friendly, breathable and very robust. It is available with trendy print designs, uni or as a melange version.

SEWING ADWISE: The best way to sew Softshell is to use Universal Needle. You don't need to to finish the fabric.

YOUR SEWING PROJECT: Warm and cuddly,  water-repellent and insulating, this fabric is a perfect combination of comfort and function. That is why it can be perfectly used for outdoor clothing. Warm jackets, coats, winter trousers or outdoor-overalls yould be the best solutions for colder or rainy days!

MAINTENANCE: Softshell is very easy care and can be washed in the washing machine (gentle wash 30°). It can be ironed with the low heat level and dried in the dryer (low heat).